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Led AirGuard Set & Go  
Low Tire Pressure is Dangerous
and Wastes Fuel!
POP Packaging Available!
Click here or see below 
The Easiest TPMS to Calibrate and Recalibrate
Improved Fuel Economy – Proper tire inflation  can save an estimated 3% to 5% in fuel costs.
Safety – Improper tire pressure has a detrimental  effect on handling, braking and control.
Longer Tire Life – According to the D.O.T., 
95% of all premature tire wear is caused 
by underinflation.
Self-calibrating – LED AirGuard Set & Go  memorizes pressure when initially installed and  can be easily recalibrated by simply removing  and reinstalling.
The Set & Go can be used on any tire pressure  between 10psi and 200psi.
Ultra-bright LED allows for visual checks of each tire,
even in daylight!
Battery standby time is 2 years from the date  stamped on the LED AirGuard.
Helps to keep Trucks & Fleets CSA compliant.
Complies with the NFPA 1901 & 1917 Standards  for Ambulances and Fire Trucks.
Led AirGuard Set & Go | Danger/Safe
This active tire pressure monitoring system starts flashing RED if the tire pressure drops 5 to 10 psi.
The use of the Locking Nut to tighten against the LED AirGuard Set & Go on the valve stem helps prevent theft.
No special tools or key required for installation or calibration.
1. Check Tire Pressure
2. Thread On
3. Monitors Pressure
POP Packaging & Display Available!
Call 1-800-982-1180 for more information and pricing.
4 or 6-Pack Clamshells
for Hook Display
Clamshells packaged 6 per box for hook display
or to be used to refill counter display
Attractive Counter Display
Clamshells packaged 6 per counter display
Designed to fit Trucks, Semis, Trailers, Buses,
Motorhomes, Cars, ATVs, Motorcycles and more!
Tire Pressure Monitoring 
10 Wheel Kit
Led AirGuard Set & Go
  LED AirGuard Set & Go
MODEL # Description
LED Valve Cap Tire Pressure Monitors(each)  
RW-PPK-0402 LED Valve Cap Tire Pressure Monitor 4-Pack  
RW-PPK-0403 LED Valve Cap Tire Pressure Monitor 6-Pack  
(2" holes)

(2.5" holes)

(2.8" holes)
10 Wheel Kits
(4) 6" Valve Extensions
(4) Stabilizers (2", 2.5" or 2.8" dia.)
(4) 180 Degree Extension
(10) LED Valve Cap Tire Pressure Monitors
(2" holes)

(2.5" holes)

(2.8" holes)
6 Wheel Kits
(2) 6" Valve Extensions
(2) Stabilizers (2", 2.5" or 2.8" dia.)
(2) 180 Degree Extension
(6) LED Valve Cap Tire Pressure Monitors
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